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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System globally. The platform helps in building easy to use & develop websites. It is a search engine friendly CMS that provides a host of plugins and themes for creating customized business websites. See why our offshore WordPress programmers prefer this CMS at the first place: -27% of websites are build with WordPress globally with 50,000 new added everyday. -WordPress plugins are very useful and downloaded over 1 billion times. -WordPress is backed by a large community from 80 countries. -WordPress gets updated pretty regularly as 98 versions have been released already. -No technical knowledge required to customize and manage WordPress sites. Bibendum auctor
PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages designed primarily for web development to build highly customizable and easy-to-maintain web solutions. As its popularity continues to rise, PHP is extensively used for developing feature-rich websites with advance functionalities. The creation of dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure and efficient web pages provides multifarious benefits. This statistics shows the percentage of websites using various server-side programming languages. PHP emerges as the top choice for development.