August 21, 2018


tns doctor tns platform add ios tns prepare ios tns build ios  
August 2, 2018

nativescript-modal-datetimepicker for angular

I just installed this plugin by the command tns plugin add nativescript-modal-datetimepicker and use it in my Angular NS. main.component.ts: import * as ModalPicker from ‘nativescript-modal-datetimepicker’; […]
August 2, 2018

Message: Only variable references should be returned by reference in codeigniter

Edit filename: core/Common.php, line number: 257 Before return $_config[0] =& $config; After $_config[0] =& $config; return $_config[0];
July 26, 2018

Install module in nativescript

npm install –save nativescript-xml2js
July 26, 2018

Nativescript commands

tns doctor tns platform add android tns prepare android tns build android
July 24, 2018

Reduce .apk size of nativescript

tns install webpack tns build android – – bundle
March 6, 2018

how to check if id exists in another table sql

SELECT, FROM dash_users LEFT JOIN restaurant ON restaurant.vid = WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM dash_users WHERE ) ORDER BY DESC limit 0,100
February 14, 2018

Access model from view in codeigniter

$ci =&get_instance(); $ci->load->model(your model); $ci->(your model)->(your function);
December 31, 2016

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in WordPress

I go to this file: wp-includes/deprecated.php and find this line in (deprecated) wp_get_http()function:   @set_time_limit ( 60 );
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